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Are all baby animals cute?

I don’t think that all baby animals are cute. some are creepy. I don’t like snakes or spiders so I definitely don’t like either of those baby animals. Except spiders aren’t animals.

baby chinchilla being fed from a bottle

Baby chinchilla

I LOVE BABY CHINCHILLAS!!!!!!!!!!! They are super cute (just like almost every other baby animal) and soooooooo tiny. They literally fit into your palm. They look super fluffy. They are like a bunny and a mouse mixed. But they are even better than both of those animals.

baby bunny being held by a random hand

Baby bunnies

My grandma has bunnies so I have actually held one before. There is one bunny that is basically a part of the family. His name is Harley. My grandma and grandpa say he is another one of their children. The babies are super small.

Baby duck swimming in water

Baby ducks

Baby ducks are small and most of the time yellow. They are one of my favorite baby animals. It’s really cute how they follow their mother in a line. They make the cutest little quack noise. They are so tiny. Like I wanna hold one someday.

Baby panda waving

Baby pandas

Baby pandas are just as cute as any other baby animal. I just learned that they are born blind. I feel bad for them because they can’t see their mother or any other pandas. But, they do open their eyes when they are 6-8 weeks old. So they aren’t going that long without seeing their mother. I would hate to be a panda when they are babies because they get crushed by their mothers sometimes. It is very sad.

There is a super cute video of a baby panda sneezing. The mother actually gets scared and jumps. There is a YouTube video and it is so cute!!!!!!!!